Phoenix Storm  - 13U Unweighted
Coach: Chris Krewson    Asst. Coach: 





Phoenix Storm  - 13U  Unweighted

​Head Coach: Lou Silva    Asst. Coach:



Phoenix Storm - Unweighted

​Head Coach: Erik Powell    Asst. Coach: Jason Stych


Phoenix Storm - 12U Unweighted

Head Coach: Kush Miller        Asst. Coach: Joe Libman            



Phoenix Storm - 11U*

Head Coach:  Erik Ahlstrom     Asst. Coach: TBD

9 years-old - Unweighted.

10 years-old - Under 149 lbs.

11 years-old - Under 129 lbs.

  *Decision regarding weighted/unweighted pending. Dependent on the number of teams and competition

Phoenix Storm - 10U Unweighted

Head Coach:  Ryan Reid    Asst. Coach: TBD


Phoenix Storm - 9U Unweighted

Head Coach:  Joshua Woodworth    Asst. Coach: TBD


9 years-old - Under 110 lbs



* 2022 NYS National Division Weight Chart

* Age as of July 31, 2022

* Weight reflects "dry weight" (Player can weigh in with shorts, t-shirt)

* D1 weighted teams will weigh in once at the beginning of the season

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