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PHOENIX STORM FOOTBALL participates in National Youth Sports (NYS), the premier tackle football program in the state of Arizona, with opportunities to play in the AYF National Championships in Florida.  A growing number of club football teams are developing around the valley to provide a network of properly coached youth football players with a direct influence of their local High School Coaches, providing these players with Techniques, Terminology, Formations and Skill Sets that they will expect to see at the High School Level – not to mention the direct interaction and name recognition between these players and the High School Coaches.



Mission/Vision of Phoenix Storm Football


To provide our local community a highly competitive, youth football program that develops individual character, skills and leadership with emphasis on the team-first mentality in order to prepare our scholar-athletes for the high school football experience.


To support the advancement of academics, athletics and citizenship of our local, football-athletes with certified and experienced coaching personnel in order to perpetuate a gold standard for youth sports in the North Valley community.

Concussion Awareness Published Articles
Player Safety

North Valley Youth Sports and Phoenix Storm Football continually strive to provide a safe environment for all athletes.

COVID 19 Response

Please click on the button below for the latest COVID-19 Protocols

Concussion Protocols

No player will be allowed to return to the field of play (whether a game or practice), whom has shown ANY signs of Concussion or other serious injury WITHOUT the wriiten release from a Medical Professional.

We encourage you to educate yourselves and your athletes with additional information below from USA Football "Heads-Up"​


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